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What we do: 

The Privacy Law Center provides support and guidance on best practices and emerging standards so as to simplify the understanding of privacy duties and help vindicate rights that concern harm from a wide range of unreasonable invasions of privacy. This website information is solely for purposes of information, education, and informal discussions.   Nations still separately regulate conduct that concern data privacy rights for the protection of personal information. The worldwide web increasingly raises issues because the pluralistic regulation of cross-border conduct that implicates privacy interests can result in conflicts of national regulations.   Absent common rules, as Martin Wolff observed in in 1951, it is generally “the function of Private International Law to determine which of several valid legal systems is applicable to a given sets of facts.”  To read more, click here >  Conflict of Law Rules 

Who we are?/How to contact us?/What is our latest news?/Where can you find us?//Disclaimer/Privacy Statement/

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